Popcornflix is known as a free movie website with a several of films in different genres that you can stream right now without having to log into a user account. There are also free TV programs. The process of using the Popcornflix website is really simple. The menu is hidden away at the top of the display in order to make more space for finding and watching films, which is certainly good.

All the various genres can be connected through this menu, including Comedy, Action, Foreign Films, Mystery, Standup Comedy, Thriller, Drama, Family, Old School Cool, and Documentaries, among others. Within every genre, the movies are arranged without any sorting choices. But you can instead choose the New Arrivals link to watch those movies, regardless of the genre.

To make it even simpler to seek movies of a specific genre, Popcornflix offers another website that has just kids movies, named Popcornflix Kids.

Lots of the videos that were tested at Popcornflix seemed to be around the similar quality as a regular DVD movie. The correct resolution of the films is unknown since you can’t exchange the quality from the video, yet they’re certainly not high definition. Popcornflix offers a really unique function in its video player that lallows you to make GIFs from the video. You can also write comments that are tied to a specific section of the video so that other people can read what you said throughout the film. You have to make a free account to carry out those things.

Nevertheless, unlike same websites as Crackle, which have subtitle settings, the only other choice that are in the Popcornflix video player are volume control, video scrubbing, and a full-display button.

While the functions here are slim, you will be  happy there’s a full-display button, since while the whole Popcornflix website offers many of room to see a movie, it’s still always good to eliminate all distractions and turn into more immersed in the video, which is what full-screen mode accomplishes. While you’re watching a few movies at Popcornflix, you might get the notification trend with the advertisements. More often than not, a 15–20 second advertisement will show at the very beginning of the movie, with more commercials throughout the video.

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