The ROG Phone 3 review

On the other hand, the macro lens generated flat photos with mushy detail. In low light, the primary lens can carry out a decent job and the front-facing camera do well in good light. Gaming Features It can be realized that the ROG Phone 3 is created for gaming. You...

Moto G Fast review

The primary lens takes the best photos of the rear sensors. The photos show perfect color accuracy and depth of field, though there's some loss of clarity in the background. Although low-light shots are acceptable, there's noticeable background blur, lens flare, and noise around the edges images. Cameras The Moto...

LG Velvet review

In terms of software, the phone contains a Korean-language-only AI assistant named Qstory, LG's own payment system, and a perpetual warning notice telling me not to remove the phone's battery. Plus, the phone's battery is not removable, which makes that one even weirder Networking and Software When it comes to...