The technology gadgets specifically designed for children

Finally, setting up the device is rather simple and there are a lot of funny activities in the starter pack in order to entertain your children whenever they want.

 Osmo Genius Kit

This item from Osmo is able to educate your children the important skills and creativity using interesting exercises. In general, the item is a small reflector which you put on your iPad’s front facing camera. After that, the camera will point downward in order to recognize whether your kid is interacting with various Osmo accessories such as blocks designed for many Osmo tasks or games played in the applications. The major purpose of these activities and games are powering your child skills in Mathematics, English, Science Skills and so on. According to users’ review, the results are really positive as their children are more eager to studying.

Nintendo 2DS

If you are a gamer who would like to share this interest with your child without having to lend them the phone, this option from Nintendo is ideal. It is able to play any game in the DS and 3DS library as well as even more traditional games through the Virtual Console.

Similar to all of hardware of Nintendo, the 2DS version is indestructible. It can suffer from a drop on the floor more effectively than an iPhone. Moreover, there is no hinge so that it is a more suitable option for your children in comparison with the 3DS.

Little Bits Electronics Synth Kit

Little Bits provide a lot of different sets coming with modular parts that your children can assemble to create the object they want.

There are detailed directions from which your children can follow. Also, instead of having to deal with iron pieces, the kids can assemble by magnets. According to users, this kit is quite interesting but the sound is not truly attractive. And also there is no one fixed way to put the kit together so that your children can change the order a little bit to get different results, which sounds really fun


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