Useful educational gadgets designed for kids

Last but not least, there are also other features such as a photo viewer, calculator, calendar, notepad and clock.

 Leap Frog Leap Pad

Leap Frog creates educational items for children from infancy up to the age of nine. For the kids who would like to own a smart phone like their mom, the Leap Pad comes with an ideal mixture of tablet coolness and a lot of educational content. With four apps integrated, the Leap Pad provides your kids with a library of more than hundred games and activities to download for free or to purchase. The tablet is designed with a 5-inch and high resolution touch screen as well as an integrated storage of 2 gigabytes. With an equipped camera and camcorder, microphone and others, this tablet is able to provide your kids with everything they may dream of, such as making their own stories about daily life with customized artwork narrated by their own voice.

Leap Frog Tag

Secondly, the Leap Frog Tag Reading System is an electronic stylus which is able to read your children their favorite books using codes, help them with puzzles and speak out loud the words they are learning to read. In spite of the fact that this device is designed specifically for primary pupils, the presentation and knowledge integrated were useful enough for a children of 12 years old, especially when it comes to geography.

Vtech InnoTab Learning App Tablet

Being a competitor to the Leap Pad from Leapster, the Vtech InnoTab is able to carry out a lot of similar functions that your children would like to enjoy with their iPad, such as playing interactive electronic books with storytelling, character voices, animation, graphics, sounds and so on. When your children read, they can view the highlighted words and touch on them to hear and learn how to pronounce. The display and its motion sensor enable your children to entertaining via learning games and applications. Children can also enjoy their favorite music by utilizing the integrated MP3 player and watch videos with the video player.


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